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January 3
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Adult Performance classes are designed with the hard working, busy adult in mind. For many adults, life gets crazy. Kids, jobs, housekeeping, travel, etc. Making it to the gym takes a backseat. Years go by before life slows down enough that they can prioritize themselves again, and by that time, many are so broken and lost they they don't even know where to start.

Many classes out there have revenue in mind as a top priority, which is fine. Get as many people in and out as fast as possible. But we have the person in mind. Our classes are designed to help adults move better, and feel healthier, than they ever have before. 

What makes our group training unique is that, unlike most group training classes, the workouts are not random or constantly varied. We have mapped out progressive and periodized programs to ensure enough exposure to exercises and stimuli to adapt, but also not so long that you lose previously gained adaptations. The first rule of our programs are to DO NO HARM! Our exercise selection means that we pick exercises that are the best bang, while also minimizing pain or injury.

 What do you get? 

2 Days/Week
Tuesdays & Thursdays
515a, 615a, & 430pm
Regular Price - $115 per month

Sign up before Jan 1 - lock in at $105 per month

Who are these classes for?
These classes are designed for EVERYONE! The target population is the average, busy adult that needs a good workout a few days per week that covers everything from moving better, to getting stronger and more fit. However, these classes are also a fantastic option for powerlifters, bodybuilders, athletes, or anyone that feels the grind of their sport catching up with them. These classes can help provided a good off-season base to freshen up before jumping back into the demands of more advanced and specific training. 

What kind of training can I expect?
While some sessions may occasionally carry a different structure, the majority of them will look as follows:
Mobility and Warmup
Power and Skill
Strength and Function

Unlike many programs that become slaves to a barbell, we will not utilize a barbell very often. Instead, we primarily use dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight movements, cables, bands, and various other modalities. We opt for this because the most recent statistics show that 39% of U.S. adults have experienced back pain in the past 3 months, 54% have had neck or back pain for five years or longer, and nearly 80% will experience back pain at some point.

We are not saying barbells cause these issues. In fact, we believe the opposite. Barbells can be a great tool in preventing and rehabilitating back pain, but barbells are much more difficult to teach and fit to an individual in a group setting. It takes time, space, and a keen eye to really get it right. While many of these alternative modalities have a very low learning curve, are very joint friendly, and can be used in a wide variety of planes and positions. Something that the average adult needs way more than a big barbell squat or deadlift. 

If this is for the average adult, why is there a section on "power and skill"?
Power is the ability to produce a lot of force in a short amount of time. Think about a jump, a throw, or a sprint. Each of those are very short in duration, but produce a very high amount of force. While strength only cares about the force. It doesn't matter how long that rep took to complete, only the weight on the bar.

Adults lose power almost twice as fast as they lose strength. In fact, every decade after 40, power declines by about 17%, while strength declines only 10%. Therefore, 30 years from then, at age 70, you'll have only lost about 30% of your strength, but 51% of your power! 

Balance and coordination are a big part of the skill section. Having great body awareness and being able to move in a variety of planes is one of the best ways to prevent falls and accidents, something that adults are at more risk of each decade.

Can you recall the last time you needed to hop over a puddle of water? It's moments like this where many adults discover that they've either completely forgotten how to jump, or when they do, they discover how much it hurt their joints, and how uncoordinated they felt. Things that you remember being so easy can quickly become daunting tasks without frequent exposure to them. So we are here to provide the dose you need to stay safe and resilient. Plus, it's fun! 

What time are the classes?
Classes are currently offered Monday - Friday at 515am, 615am, as well as Tuesday/Thursday at 430pm. If we begin to fill those spots, or we get an increase in demand for different times, we will be sure to open those up! So if you find yourself in a situation where a different time works better for you, do not hesitate to contact us! You probably aren't alone, and we'd love to hear from you all!

How long are the classes?

Classes will be approximately 1 hour in duration. Occasionally, classes may finish a little early, as well as some weeks they may run over. Just depends on the phase. Because we structure our programs to be progressive and periodized, some weeks are "easier" weeks, and some weeks are higher volume.

I have kids, do you have child care? 
We do not currently offer any childcare. But we do have a lounge area that they could sit at if they are well behaved. 

Do you have showers?
We do not have any showers

If I did not use all of my sessions for a month, do they rollover to the next?
No. Your credits will expire and renew every month. If you fear that you will regularly miss out on some of your credits, contact us about punch cards.

I signed up for 2 days per week, does that mean I can only train on two specific days?
No. If you miss a day, you are more than welcome to come in and make up that workout. That is why we include a 24 hour gym membership with your plan. You just may be doing that workout by yourself, but most of the time we have coaches present, so just ask for help if you need it.


We are also offering a "Make Up" session on Saturday mornings at 8am that you can book that guarantees a coach to be present to assist you and others that may have missed during the week. 

How do the punchcards work?

When you purchase the punchcard option, you are not committing to any specific program or training frequency. This allows you to just self book a class at your convenience. Due to the nature of our program being progressive and periodized, it is impossible to put punchcard attendees on a specific program, therefore, you would simply jump in to whatever workout is for that day. 

Once you have purchased a punchcard, simply book the class you would like through the PushPress Members app, and once you attend, the app will automatically count that session towards your punchcard.


If I can workout more than 2 or 3 days per week, what can I do?

We will provide some additional conditioning options for you to do another 2-3 days per week outside of the classes.

I am already an SSC client or member, can I sign up?
Absolutely! We will simply change the program you are on and get you set up on this.


Are there any hidden fees?

If you are new to SSC, there is a non-refundable $10 start up fee. This fee goes towards processing and issuing your key fob, which allows us to continue replacing key fobs and maintaining our keyless entry system. However, if you have previously been issued a key fob, and still have it, simply continue with signing up like normal, and let us know that you need refunded immediately, or discounted on the next billing cycle. Either works.



3 Days/Week
515a & 615a
Regular Price - $155 per month 

Sign up before Jan 1 - lock in at $130 per month
New training cycle every month
2-3 Days of Conditioning Outside of Class
Nutrition Guidance
FREE 24/7 Gym Membership to SSC
Join Our Private Facebook Group

Great option for those that need more flexibility or would like to sample a class

Punchcard do not include a free membership, nutrition, or bonus conditioning. Gym memberships are NOT required to attend a class

1 Class - $18
Expires 30 Days from purchase

5 Classes - $82.50
Expires 45 Days from purchase

10 Classes - $150
Expires 60 Days from purchase

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