Fit Camp is Springfield Strength & Conditioning's uniquely structured group training program. 

Our coaches have years of experience working with individuals in 1-on-1 and large class settings. After successfully bridging that gap with our semi-private training model, we are excited to bring group training to SSC! But not only are we offering this in a class setting, we are offering it remotely as well!

With our 1-on-1 and semi-private training programs, individuals received individualized programming. With that comes a price. And we recognize that, not only is the price not feasible for a lot of people, we also recognize that not everyone wants, or needs, individualized programming. 

With Fit Camp, you will join dozens of others on the same journey. This creates support and accountability. It also creates excitement and fun that is often difficult to obtain when you're on your own program.

Our Fit Camp campaign will offer 4 different programs throughout the year with an emphasis on different areas: Fat Loss, Strength, Physique, and Athlete.

Each program is created to feed into the next. This also doesn't mean that you can't expect fat loss during the strength program, or that you can't experience strength gains during the fat loss program. It simply means that we are placing a larger emphasis on these different areas during each program, but all are achievable from program to program.

What makes our group training unique is that, unlike most group training classes, the workouts are not random or constantly varied. We have mapped out progressive and periodized programs to ensure enough exposure to exercises and stimuli to adapt, but also not so long that you lose previously gained adaptations. 

 What do you get? 

12 Weeks of Training
4 Training Cycles
3 Days of Weight Training
2 Days of Conditioning and "Bonus" Work
Phase Specific Nutrition Plan
FREE TrueCoach Account
$25 optional SSC membership ($50 value)
Private Facebook Group


What if I can't do an exercise due to ability or access to equipment? 

No worries! Just post into the Facebook group or message us on TrueCoach asking what a good alternative is for the exercise. For commonly difficult or rare exercises, we will already have an alternative option available, but can scale and manipulate anything!

What are the most common pieces of equipment I will need?

We are big on free weights, so mostly dumbbells, barbells, olympic plates, and cable machines. But we will also utilize things like landmines, leg press, stability balls, leg curl machines, sleds, rowing machines, medicine balls, and fan wheel bikes. But we can accommodate to anything. Just be sure to look ahead and communicate with us!

What is a TrueCoach account?

TrueCoach is the personal training app that we use to deliver workouts, nutrition, communicate, track progress, etc. All workouts have demo videos so you know how to perform each exercise. You can track the results of each workout over time to ensure you are progressing. TrueCoach also has instant messenger where you can message your coach 24/7.

What happens after the 12 weeks are over?

After the 12 weeks are over, there will be a one week break, and then we will resume with the next training block. During that week long break, we encourage people to still perform light activities, but avoid training with much volume or intensity. Let the body and mind recover for a bit. For those already enrolled in Fit Camp, they will get first dibs on the reservations for their spot in the upcoming training block.

What time are the classes?

Currently, classes will only be offered at 6am and 6pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This is where you are guaranteed to be led by a coach in a structured environment. If you miss a class, don't worry, you have 24/7 gym access and can still get it in. There is almost always a coach around, so you can still ask for assistance if you need help making it up on your own. But we do highly encourage you to pick a time slot and stick with it the best you can.

What are the conditioning and "Bonus Work" you mentioned?

We understand that getting to the gym is not easy for everyone. That is why we have opted for a 3 day program. However, we also know that some people can be in the gym more often, therefore, we are including conditioning and bonus work on "non-training" days that you can perform. For those on the class option, you DO NOT do these with a coach. They are to be done on your own. The conditioning is programmed to compliment the strength training, as well as enhance your results with the program. The "bonus work" will be isolation work on shoulders, abs, and glutes. We've chosen these areas as they are the ones that help round out the most commonly desired physiques, as well as being easier to recover from than our more demanding priority workouts.

Can I hire a coach to to meet me for my bonus work and conditioning?

For sure! If you come during semi-private hours, it will be $15 per session. Semi-private hours are 6am-10am and 4pm-7pm Mon-Fri. Saturday mornings 9am to noon. Any other times would be scheduled 1-on-1, and would be $50 per session.

I am an absolute beginner, is this for me?

Not going to lie, this program is designed for those with some foundation in the gym. You don't have to be very advanced, but it would be best if you have been doing at least 6 months of weight training. Also, the less experienced you are, the more you might consider doing the classes instead of remotely. That way you have a coach to make sure you are training properly, as well with the appropriate intensity.

What is the difference between the class option and the remote option?

Literally, the only difference is that the class option is choosing to come train in a class setting 3 days per week under a coach. Whereas the remote option can be done from any location with adequate equipment. The program is the same between options.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds once registered. We are looking for committed individuals, and also want to provide accountability to them.

I am already an SSC client or member, can I sign up?

Absolutely! We will simply change the program you are on and get you set up on this.


Class Option (limited to 12!)
Regular Price - $155 per month
12 Weeks Paid in Full - $365
Remote Option
Regular Price - $155 
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - $135 by Dec 28th
12 Weeks of Training
4 Training Cycles
3 Days of Classes 
(Mon/Wed/Fri, 6am or 6pm)
2 Days of Conditioning and "Bonus" Work
Phase Specific Nutrition Plan
FREE TrueCoach Account
FREE 24/7 Gym Membership to SSC
Private Facebook Group