Troy Davis

Troy Davis

Personal Trainer and Head of Adult Performance

Squat: 365

Clean and Jerk: 295

Snatch: 235

Mile: 5:35

Pull-up 1RM: 347 lbs


Level 1 Certified Functional Strength Coach

Crossfit Level 2 Certification

Crossfit Level 1 Certification

Crossfit Weightlifting

Crossfit Football

About Coach

I grew up in Rolla, MO. I Played football, basketball, and baseball in high-school, but excelled the most in baseball. Went to Missouri State University to pursue a degree in physical therapy, but fell out of love of that career path early on. In 2013, joined a Crossfit gym for better fitness and health. I guess you could say the rest is history from there. Started shadowing and interning and quickly got a coaching role. Switched my degree from physical therapy to exercise and movement science and never looked back. Became a full-time coach in 2015. During that time I met my now wife and got engaged, then shortly married afterwards. I took over day-to-day operations and programming in 2017. Then late in 2018 I got the opportunity of a lifetime, which was to work as a strength and conditioning coach at SSC. It’s been an amazing journey so far to see the gym grow from the ground up (literally). Blessed beyond belief to be a full-time coach at SSC. Wouldn’t trade it for the world. If you ever had/have the opportunity to step foot into our amazing facility, you will understand how special this place is.

Turning Point

2019 was the year that really showed me who my enemy was: myself. I know that can sound cliche, but in my case, it’s true. Financially my family had started to struggle, and I had made some pretty big life mistakes in that same time. The only way I could help support my family was to take on a second job. Due to my schedule and not sacrificing family time during the day, I chose to get a overnight job to help make ends meet. I had a decent idea what this would do to me physically, but severely underestimated what it would do to me mentally. I struggled daily with not feeling like I was doing enough: not a good enough coach, not a good enough parent or husband: not learning enough to further my coaching career, etc. That was my first experience at how crippling self-doubt can be. It took a long time (a little over two years to be exact), but I gained a lot of confidence in what I could actually handle when my back was against the wall. I don’t know where I would truly be if I had ever listened to the self-doubt in my head, but I can venture to guess not where I am at today. So when self-doubt is knocking at your door, don’t answer. Don’t settle when that voice is talking you down. If it gets loud, YOU get LOUDER!

Motivation & Passion

I feel my purpose for coaching is to teach. I’ve always believed that a great coach is also a great teacher. Small group coaching and personal training are where I feel I can have the most impact in the fitness industry. Ever since I started coaching, I’ve worked more with the adult population. There is something truly special about seeing a adult perform something they didn’t think was possible or hadn’t been able to do in years, heck maybe even decades. My motivation is to help individuals gain confidence in not only what they do inside the gym, but outside the gym as well

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